Noida 31

Satvik Aggarwal
Head Boy
Prachi Pahwa
Head Girl
Nakul Juneja
Sports Captain - Boy
Amaira Singh Balyan
Sports Captain - Girl
Aafreen Kaur
Club President of SUPREMES
Reet Khurana
Club Vice President of SUPREMES
Simran Aggarwal
Cultural Coordinator of SUPREMES
Shivangi Kohli
Sports Perfect - Girl of SUPREMES
Tushaar Raghuvanshi
Sports Perfect - Boy of SUPREMES
Navya Verma
Perfect 1 of SUPREMES
Hannu Saraf
Perfect 2 of SUPREMES
Hardika Kataria
Club President of LEGENDS
Mehak Jain
Club Vice President of LEGENDS
Akshita Taneja
Cultural Coordinator of LEGENDS
Smridhi Vyas
Sports Perfect - Girl of LEGENDS
Rhythm S Rathi
Sports Perfect - Boy of LEGENDS
Aryan Salooja
Prefect 1 of LEGENDS
Dev Pahwa
Prefect 2 of LEGENDS
Abhinav Rajput
Club Vice President of MAESTROS
Anushka Agarwal
Cultural Coordinator of MAESTROS
Tina Goyal
Sports Prefect - Girl of MAESTROS
Arpit Singhal
Sports Prefect - Boy of MAESTROS
Rhea Bhambri
Prefect 1 of MAESTROS
Simran Gautam
Prefect 2 of MAESTROS
Shivani Kansal
Club President of ELITES
Priyansh Aggarwal
Club Vice President of ELITES
Sanchit Goel
Cultural Coordinator of ELITES
Harshnoor Kaur
Sports Perfect - Girl of ELITES
Ashutosh Agarwal
Sports Perfect - Boy of ELITES
Navya Arora
Prefect 1 of ELITES
Yash Dahiya
Prefect 2 of ELITES
Manika Bhatia
Club President of VICTORS
Kashish Khanduja
Club Vice President of VICTORS
Radhika Singal
Cultural Coordinator of VICTORS
Isha Maheshwari
Sports Perfect - Girl of VICTORS
Shivam Agarwal
Sports Perfect - Boy of VICTORS
Shivanshi Tiwari
Prefect 1 of VICTORS
Charchit Pahwa
Prefect 2 of VICTORS
Roopal Dahiya
Club President of LEADERS
Priya Gupta
Club Vice President of LEADERS
Samridhi Dhingra
Cultural Coordinator of LEADERS
Bibek Kaur
Sports Perfect - Girl of LEADERS
Chetan Kedia
Sports Perfect - Boy of LEADERS
Shubham Tayal
Prefect 1 of LEADERS
Fiza Singh
Prefect 2 of LEADERS



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